bP (Brendan Palmer) has a background in music production, artist collectives, record label management and broadcasting. In recent times, heís turned his attention towards event production and DJ performances, through the environ and uber lingua projects. Currently, one of his focuses as a DJ is in modern music that uses a diversity of languages, a leftover of his time working with SBS. As different languages use different parts of the brain, and as languages not understood by a listener become a non-contextual, sonic element of any given piece of music, Brendan is inspired to discover as much "post world" music he possibly can. 

More on Brendan Palmer 

Over the past 15 years, Brendan Palmer has had a significant impact on the modern music scene in Australia. His name has been synonymous with some of the most influential movements that have graced our ears and eyes in that time. Brendan founded the 'Clan Analogue' electronic arts collective in 1992, producing the first 8 compilations including four Vinyl EPs, an Art-Video recorded at the Sydney Goethe Institut, and the initial Clan CD 'Cog'. As an well-exercised performer he supported the likes of Meat Beat Manifesto, the On-U sound System and played numerous Big Day Out events, amongst others.   

In 1993 he started Clan's 'Electronic' club, evolving the concept into a two level technological smorgasbord within 3 years and re-establishing live music as a constant at clubs in Sydney. After leaving Clan in late '95, Brendan initiated the 'E.A.R.' collective, in an attempt to counteract the polarity existing between pure electronic, acoustic and more experimental 'noise' composers in Sydney. In 1996 E.A.R. promoted the first Australian performance by UK based electronic artist 'Scanner', and the following year the quadraphonic E.A.R. stage at the Sydney 'Big Day Out'.   

In '96 Brendan started the label Zonar, producing albums from Atone, Ali Omar and Size from Sydney, Low Key Operations and Paul Abad from Brisbane, and Eyespine from Adelaide. Funded by the Australian Network for Art and Technology, the Dis-locations compilation featured local artists from around the country remixing each, taking a snap shot of some of the most innovative composers within Australia at that time. Zonar has promoted many events including the Dis-locations tour of Australia, and a monthly residency at the Melbourne new media concept club 'Slapo' during 1998, and the 'Lymbic Lounge' in Sydney 1999.  

Also in '98, Brendan was commissioned by media artist Mark Amerika to compose sound for the Australia Council funded Phon:e:me project. Described as an "mp3 concept album with hyper:liner:notes", Phon:e:me was hosted by the Walker Arts Centre in Minneapolis USA, and nominated for the Webby Award's in 1999, the web equivalent of the Grammy's.   

In late 1996, Brendan turned he his talents towards SBS Radio's 'Alchemy' program contributing locally produced electronic music. In 1999 he co-presented 'Audio Daze' on Sydney's 2SER for around 6 months before taking over Alchemy full time at SBS re-working the Alchemy program brief. By 2002, the Alchemy team had grown from just him to over 30 people, speaking over 30 languages. Alchemy became Australia's most multi-lingual and culturally cutting edge national radio program. Over 7 years he hosted more than a thousand Australia-wide programs and conducted hundreds of interviews.  

In 2002 Brendan toured Europe, attending the Sonar festival in Barcelona, Koneisto in Helsinki, and Man und Machina conference in Berlin. During this trip he performed 'all Australian' DJ sets at a venues in Barcelona, Berlin, and London. He also found time to present two hours of Australian sound on the London Musician's Collective run independent radio 'Resonance FM'.  In 2003 Brendan DJ'ed a signature Alchemy Multi-lingual set at the Womad club, Wozone in Adelaide. Later that year in Melbourne, he promoted Alchemy events at Bar Bukka Fitzroy, and provided exquisite sonics at the opening of Experimenta 2003.  

Brendan's pet project of 2003 was the SBS CD 'Sonic Allsorts' that showcased seventeen local multi-lingual artists from over thirty cultural backgrounds and seven states or territories of Australia, performing in over twenty languages. Over 3500 copies we're distributed throughout the country, redefining Australia's musical landscape.   

Brendan now works at Melbourne radio station 3RRR as a producer.